Special Stand Approval

–       Stand height is 4 meters at Hall 9 – 10. Information and approval must be taken from the technical department for stand heights of right entrance and under left balcony of Halls 9 – 10. (0212 604 50 50)


–       The foyer stand height of Hall 9-10 is 2.80 meters.

–       In special stands at foyer area iron construction, iron cutting, welding work and painting are not permitted.

–       Stand height at 11th Hall is 3.50 meters. The foyer stand height of Hall 11 is 3.50 meters. (For special stands.)

The parts exceeding 250 meters of neighboring walls of the stands’ back sides must be painted or coated with plain and neutral paints. For example; white fabrics, plain color vinyl without print, paint etc. Use of any logo, image, slogan, etc. on these spaces by the participants are forbidden.

Prepared stand drawings must be approved by the official of the organizer. The organizer has right to interfere the unapproved projects. For approval of the projects, the readable drawings all measures of the stand must be mailed to zekeriya.aydogan@voli.com.tr one month prior to the inauguration of fair. This approval is to conform above mentioned rules. Electricity, mechanic, architectural, etc. applications are completely in responsibility of the participant.


  1. Use of Air, Water, Power;

The organizer is liable to install power, water and air facilities to the place determined by the participant. Distribution and connection of these facilities in stand space belong to the participant and architectural firm. The authorized staff to make these works must have the necessary knowledge and certificate. The demands for power, water and air must be informed to the organizer firm one month ago before installation. The demands should be made by the participant firms.

Hall 11 has no air and water connection


  1. Use of Stand Area;

The stands designed for the participants must be designed entirely remaining in the area of the stand.

–       Exhibited machines and equipment, lighting fixtures, advertisement boards, stand structural extensions

–       Consoles, equipment such as plasma TV types

–       Promotional materials; mascot, Roll up, brochure holders etc.

Use of all kinds of objects that would go beyond the stand floor is absolutely forbidden.


  1. Two-Storey Stands and Other Special Structures;

Weight carrying capacity of two-storey structures, static durability, structural safety are in liability of participant and if there is, in subcontract participant. All kinds of damage compensation that could stem from the insufficient modular system’s weight carrying capacity or without correct calculation will be met by participant.

  1. Use of Fair Ceiling Spaces;

Hanging of objects by using ceiling construction of halls is not permitted. The fair area construction was not built technically conforming to get support, hanging and loading.

The banner and posters of any size that is specified by the organizer can be hanged above matching with stand upper area with payment coordinately with organizer in the first day of installation via organizer.

Banner and poster hanging on ceiling of 11thHall is not permitted since the ceiling construction is not suitable.

  1. Use of Glass and Acrylic materials

Use of glass and acrylic materials at stands must be in stated thickness and qualifications to meet the necessary safety conditions.

  1. Events in stands;

Upper limit of sound decibel in stands is 60 dB. The organizer has authorization to cut off electricity of the firms regarding noise pollution over 70 db after warning one time in interior stand events. The organizer will not be liable at all due to the losses which stem from this application. The participant should inform the organizer about the musical event during the fair. The participant is liable to take safety measures against accidents at the stand during the product demonstration and performing.


  1. Catering, Logistic and Product Presenting;

–       Snacks and alcohol free beverages are permitted at the fair area. However meal order from outside is not permitted for participant staff and stand officers because of the decision of İFM. This service is gotten from catering firm which is in the foyer area of the fair.

–       During stand installation and fair, meeting your all meal and beverage needs, the firm will cater meal and beverage service for your stand in a quick and easy way.

–       Information about cocktail and snack menus of FOYER RESTAURANT

Communication information;

Ersin Doğruer +90 532 520 53 53 catering@expofood.com.tr

–       The official SCHENKER ARKAS logistic firm is authorized by the organizer to serve for fair area and at Hall in winch, forklift, and worker needs.

Communication information for SCHENKER ARKAS;

Sertaç Yolcu +90 533 504 68 12 – sertac.yolcu@schenkerarkas.com.com.tr

Taylan Öztürk +90 535 223 57 72 – taylan.ozturk@schenkerarkas.com.tr

–       The participant firms must make promotions at their own stands. For the promotions outside of stand must be permitted by the organizer. (Mascot, brochures distribution etc.)


  1. Interference to the structure of the Hall;

Drilling, welding and similar activities in a manner of damaging the building are forbidden at halls. The expenses of repair and changes may be damaging to the building at the end of any application will be invoiced on behalf of the participant firm.

  1. Disassembly of stands

The participants and architectural firms must deliver the stands as empty and clean as they are delivered to them when disassembling process of the stands. Cleaning up and discarding of debris and remnants during construction and afterwards and then delivery of the area are in the responsibility of the participant and authorized subcontracted firms.

During disassembly of stands;

In case of debris and remnants do not be taken away from the area, the organizer takes the photograph of the remnants to be invoiced on behalf of the subcontractor and participant firm as labor force and carriage.


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